2020-21 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Foden Green Refractor



The “2020-21 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Foden Green Refractor PSA 10” sports card is a rare and exquisite collectible that captures the essence of Phil Foden, Manchester City’s midfield maestro, in stunning detail. This card, with its vibrant green refractor finish, not only highlights Foden’s dynamic play on the field but also adds an extraordinary visual appeal that sets it apart from standard collectibles. The green refractor variant is particularly sought after for its eye-catching color and the way it enhances the photographic quality of the card, making it a prized possession for collectors.

Graded by the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) as a Gem Mint 10, this card is recognized for its flawless condition. The PSA 10 grade is a testament to its perfection, with pristine corners, edges, surface, and centering. This top-tier grading assures collectors of the card’s impeccable quality and preservation, making it an ideal piece for those seeking to add a gem to their collection.

The 2020-21 Topps Stadium Club Chrome series is renowned for its exceptional use of high-quality, full-bleed photography and advanced chrome technology, offering collectors a premium feel and a glossy finish. The Foden Green Refractor card benefits from this technology, presenting the young English talent in a moment of on-pitch brilliance that is beautifully captured and magnified by the green refractor effect.

Phil Foden is celebrated for his remarkable skills, vision, and contributions to Manchester City’s success, and this card encapsulates his rising legacy in the sport. The “2020-21 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Foden Green Refractor PSA 10” is not just a collectible but a tribute to Foden’s growing stature in football, offering fans and collectors a tangible piece of his journey.

As a collector’s item, this card marries aesthetic beauty with the prestige of a Gem Mint grading, making it a highly desirable piece for enthusiasts and investors alike. Its combination of visual allure, rarity, and the excellence of a PSA 10 grade ensures that it holds a place of honor in any sports card collection, celebrating Phil Foden’s ongoing impact in the world of football.


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